On average, 500 applications are received for every job advertised, but less than 5% of these qualify for consideration. With the high level of unemployment, jobseekers out of desperation randomly apply for jobs in the hope that they can secure some kind of a future. All this makes the entire recruitment process extremely inefficient for the recruiter and disheartening for the jobseeker.

XUPAJOBS.COM, East Africa’s smarter job site will revolutionise the recruitment landscape in East Africa by:

  • Filtering out irrelevant CVs.
  • Using targeted marketing. We aim to use the best combination of advertising media and technology, to publicise any given vacancy to the right audience for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Providing analytics on each job advertisement. Employers will have access to the performance data of their advert to monitor listing progress.
  • Driving user friendly functionalities.
  • Reaching a wider East African audience.
  • Having dedicated specialist account managers.

XUPAJOBS.COM provides job seekers with current and relevant job listings from East Africa giving a wider breadth of choice. Our superior search feature, coupled with the ease of navigation of the portal, immensely benefits job seekers, as they can apply for valid job openings with greater success promptly.

For employers, the site provides a comprehensive staff sourcing solution, from reaching the right pool of candidates, building talent pools and managing applications electronically, confidentially and effectively.

XUPAJOBS.COM is here to make recruitment simple!